Are’s new strategy sets customers on focus



Our company’s strategy for 2018–2020 lays down the foundation for an even more customer-oriented Are. The best possible customer experience, cost leadership and growth form the foundation of our new strategy, supported by good leadership and the opportunities provided by building digitisation.


We will also invest heavily on improving occupational safety in the coming strategy term. Our objective is to decrease the frequency of accidents in half of the current status by 2020.


Customer-oriented Are


The focal point of our new strategy is the promise to provide our customers with the best quality of service available in the market and listening to their needs. In order to meet this objective, we will make our internal cooperation closer and develop our organisation in a way that enables us to meet our customers’ requirements more efficiently in every stage of a building’s life cycle.


We invest heavily on regional development and our goal is to reach profitable growth in all of our locations with three service areas. Building services contracting of new construction projects, maintenance services and technical building system modernisation are now included in our range of services throughout Finland.  


Efficient and local operations


We want to be seen as a regionally strong and unified Are by our customers. So far, Building Services Contracting and Property Services have functioned as two separate business units at Are. From the beginning of 2018, we will move on to a new business structure, where Are has three geographical business areas in Finland: Southern Finland, Eastern Finland and Western Finland. Are’s three technical building service areas are available in every geographical area.


The new structure enables a more customer-oriented operating method: management is simplified, internal information travels faster and we can meet our customers’ requirements more quickly and flexibly.


Efficient operations and heavy investment on developing our procurement processes and on automating our operations with technical solutions increases cost-efficiency and improves the level of quality. 

Digitisation for buildings  


We have launched the concept of digitisation for buildings to describe the digitisation of the real estate industry and the modernisation of our own operating methods with new digital solutions. Digitisation for buildings supports cost efficiency and growth by improving the customer experience and enabling new technical building services.


In the coming strategy term, we will continue the close collaboration with our customers in order to find solutions that can help us utilise the information generated throughout a property’s life cycle even better and, subsequently, develop our own and our customers’ operations and the whole industry. 



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