Are’s plumbing renewal using the relining method has received a product certificate issued by the VTT

Are’s plumbing renewal using the relining method has received a product certificate issued by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Relining is a modern renovation method for sewerage piping, in which a new pipe is installed inside the old one. And since it prolongs the useful life of sewerage piping, relining is constantly growing in popularity.
On 1 October 2010, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland granted a certificate to the relining method used by Are for the renovation of sewerage piping. The certificate was issued under the product certification system of VTT Expert Services Ltd. Certification is independent and voluntary. It is awarded to a product or system that fulfils a certain set of requirements, and includes assurance of the product’s quality and type testing. In addition, VTT ensures that the holder of the certificate adheres to the agreements.
VTT Expert Services Ltd has set the requirements for sewerage pipe coatings and methods that form a new pipe inside an old one, such as in relining. The need for certificates for these methods has been on the rise, as last year almost a fifth of all plumbing renewals were carried out using modern methods.
“The advantage of certification is that products are easier to compare, regarding their properties, durability and usage”, says Liisa Rautiainen, Assessment Manager at VTT Expert Services Ltd.
The certificate is extremely important to Are. It is among the first companies to obtain a certificate for its relining method.
“A lot of modern renovation methods have entered the market in recent years, but consumers don’t have enough information about them yet. Overly positive, or completely false, information is often given on the results of the renovation work – especially the product’s service life and self-sustaining properties”, says Tapio Falck, a Director at Are.
“It is important for us to be able to provide our customers with researched and unbiased information on the relining method and the benefits it offers.”
Relining prolongs the service life of sewerage piping
With the relining method, sewerage pipes are not replaced with new ones, but instead the old piping is cleaned and relined with a ‘sock’ made of polyester felt material. The relining sock is first impregnated with epoxy resin, after which it is installed in the pipe using air pressure. Once it hardens, the sock forms a new self-supporting pipe inside the old pipe.
The service life of sewerage piping and wells can be prolonged by decades with the relining method. VTT Expert Services Ltd estimates that, in a residential building with normal use temperatures, relined pipes would last at least 40 years, provided Are’s instructions are followed in installation and maintenance. All piping at properties can be relined, and the relining can also be renewed, if necessary. Relining is quick and friendly to residents, who can live in their apartments almost normally, since floors need not be taken apart.
Are was the first to introduce new solutions for plumbing renewals
Are was the first company in Finland to introduce comprehensive solutions for the renovation of plumbing at properties. The Are Plumbing Renewal concept combines traditional methods with new ones. Depending on the condition of the piping, the plumbing renewal is carried out either by coating or relining, replacing the pipes with new ones or utilising both options (hybrid).
Are’s coating method for service water piping and hybrid method are currently awaiting certification by VTT.

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