First energy-smart Are Sensus building in Turku

Low emissions, real savings
The Are Group has completed the renovation of its own premises in Turku, including installation of the Are-developed Sensus energy efficiency system. This will reduce the consumption of heating energy and building services power considerably.A new element in the Sensus system is the inclusion of an air source heat pump for the first time. The result is a more energy and cost-efficient package, in which heating energy costs are half of those in a conventional system.The Are Sensus energy efficiency system controls the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting of the premises. The system is both people-friendly and environmentally friendly: it consumes less energy than a conventional solution and at the same time guarantees a comfortable and healthy working environment. Interior spaces are also easy to modify and furnish.
At Are’s Turku premises the Are Sensus energy efficiency system includes an air source heat pump for the first time, which will produce heat energy in a more energy-efficient way. Energy consumption for heating will be halved in comparison with a conventional system.
Energy savings by recycling
The system’s energy efficiency is based on effective utilisation of free sources of energy. In practice, the system transfers heat from rooms and data centres to ventilation equipment in which this free energy heats air drawn in from outside. Similarly, cool outdoor air produces cooling. The ceiling panels installed in the interior spaces heat and cool the interiors comfortably and without draughts. Instead of separate panels, the Turku premises use for the first time a common suspended ceiling for heating/cooling.
“We are proud of our new premises. Here, customers can feel and see the potential of this new and convenient building services technology. Are Sensus is both energy and cost-efficient, and it also has automated systems specific to each space and controlled according to occupancy. The system independently controls lighting and ventilation, for instance. The lighting is soft and not glaring,” says Are Sales Manager, Teemu Korpela.
Experiences of the Are Sensus® system over the past ten years have been good. The total floor area of projects featuring the system is over 100 000 m2. Buildings currently under construction that will use the Are Sensus system include projects for Metsätapiola in Espoo and for Technolopis in Jyväskylä, Helsinki and Vantaa.
For additional information, please contact:
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