23 May 2016: Light at the end of the tunnel – Are delivers on Tampere’s Rantatunneli tunnel project

Are Oy            Press release            23 May 2016 at 9.00 a.m.


Tampereen Rantatunnelissa Are talotekniikan toteuttajana



Are has been closely involved in the VT 12 Tampere Rantaväylä project, one of the first projects in Europe to be implemented through alliance contracting. Are is responsible for delivering the complete HVAC, sprinkler, automation and access control systems for the project. The installations have been completed and the tunnel is currently undergoing testing.


“Are’s installations in the tunnel have been completed and we have moved to the full-system testing phase. The tunnel’s automated systems are crucial for traffic flow in the tunnel and the testing phase is an excellent opportunity for us to make sure that everything is working impeccably. Delivering all the technology on a very tight time frame has been demanding and Are have performed extremely well,” Esko Mulari, Project Manager for the Rantatunneli Alliance, commented. 


“The Rantatunneli tunnel is the single biggest project undertaken by Are in the company’s history. It has made things straightforward for all concerned that all the building technology has been delivered by just one partner,” Mikko Anttila, Regional Director at Are, commented.


The tunnels, spanning a total of 2.3 km, are full of sophisticated technology, although little of it will be visible to drivers. The building technology is mainly housed in the 15 corridors connecting the tunnels. Are was responsible for installing 22 km of cable trays and 360 km of electrical cable.


The traffic management systems are particularly complex. The advance testing and adjustments must be undertaken with great care and precision. The installations must also be able to withstand significant wear and tear from soot, exhaust fumes, salt and corrosion. 


“All in all, we have managed this project to its conclusion safely and efficiently. We had between 40 and 70 installers working in the tunnels at any one time. We did not have a single serious incident and we are very pleased with the outcome,” Mikko Anttila concludes. 


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More information:

Mikko Anttila, Regional Director, tel: +358 40 300 5437, mikko.anttila@are.fi 


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