Managing the life cycle of properties through digitisation

Are Oy                                           Press release                                   May 19, 2017 at 8:30


KIRA-digi-hanke Onerva Mäen koululla 


Are is taking part in the KIRA-digi19 project, which studies the possibility of digitising building elements and services that impact the life cycle of buildings. The idea is that this will happen mainly by combining data available from the planning and maintenance phases of buildings with data about buildings’ structures, systems and devices as well as the technical service life and anticipated use of these.


The planned system will work as a tool for both property owners and building managers, who need information about individual properties as well as their property portfolios. The system could also possibly be used to produce pre-scheduled and pre-categorised information about upcoming needs for repairs and renovations. This would make it possible to examine large volumes of buildings and their repair needs.


Proactive repairs are a resource-wise measure that save the building owner’s resources and make it easy to plan work that will prevent the need for emergency repairs. Based on open data, new services can be built in Finland that can reduce the repair debts of the building stock as sensibly as possible.


The Onerva Mäki school building in Jyväskylä has been selected as a pilot property. The end result of the project will be a model property in which the surfaces, structures and building systems of the property can be visualised and observed over the building’s life cycle.


The project is being carried out in cooperation with Jyväskylän Tilapalvelu, Senaatti Properties, Granlund, Vahanen, Buildercom and ISS. At the Onerva Mäki school, the project members familiarised themselves with the pilot site and got the project off to a good start in a joint workshop.


“Digitalisation will be our new path towards business intelligence. When it comes to building systems, this project makes it possible for us to progress towards need-based property maintenance instead of the traditional scheduled maintenance. The best property maintenance and servicing are defined by data, not assumptions or old ways of operating. We at Are are excited to see what new things we will learn from this KIRA-digi project,” says Ari Kinnunen, Regional Director at Are.


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