Metsätapiola receives energy-efficient Are Sensus building

There will be a new energy-efficient Are Sensus building in Tapiola, Espoo, once Are completes its building services contract for the KOY Metsätapiola office building. When completed in 2012, the building will be used mainly by Mela (the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution) and the Metsäliitto forest industry group. KOY Metsätapiola, the owner of the property, chose the Are Sensus system because of the pleasant interior conditions and low energy consumption it provides. Building services and lighting are merged into the building’s multifaceted interior architecture.
The Are Group has signed a HEPAC and electrical contract with KOY Metsätapiola based on the Are Sensus system. It will be implemented at a new office building of approximately 27,000 gross square metres in the Tapiola district of the City of Espoo. Containing a two-floor car park and a three-to-six-floor office section, the building will be used mainly by Mela and Metsäliitto, with some of its premises let.
The Sensus system will produce cost-savings for the property’s owner due to its energy-efficiency and the ease with which premises can be modified. As KOY Metsätapiola was looking for a quiet and draught-free ventilation solution for its building, it was impressed with the benefits that Sensus offered. It allows rooms to be heated and cooled using panels installed on the ceiling, thanks to which the interior climate is pleasant throughout the year. Energy consumption is lower than usual because the system efficiently utilises sources of free energy.
“We wanted the building to be an efficient, profitable and user-friendly package”, says Tauno Nokelainen, Managing Director of KOY Metsätapiola.
“One of our main requirements was that the premises and working conditions are in good order. With a traditional heating and cooling system, you easily get the feeling of draught”, says Markku Kauppinen, a Director of Metsäliitto.
Energy efficiency was also a decisive factor in selecting the contractor because a lot of emphasis was put on environmental aspects in the building’s design. In fact, application has been made for a LEED environmental classification for the building.
“The building’s architectural design has been done by Helin & Co. Architects. The Sensus building services and lighting will be merged into the building’s multifaceted interior architecture”, says Erkki Laitala, a Business Line Director in the Are Group.
The contract commenced in August 2010 and will be completed by 31 May 2012.
KOY Metsätapiola is a property company jointly owned by Mela and Metsäliitto.
For additional information, please contact:
Erkki Laitala
Business Line Director, Are Group
Tel. +358 40 300 5526

Tauno Nokelainen
Managing Director, KOY Metsätapiola
Tel. +358 50 64 680

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