Seven new projects for Are

Increased demand for plumbing renewals in Helsinki region
Are Group signed contracts in late 2009 for seven new plumbing renewal projects in the Helsinki region. Most of this work is to be carried out in 2011, and the projects are together worth about EUR 4.5 million. Are’s competitive edge lies in its clearly defined, innovative and cost-effective Plumbing Renewal concept.
The government’s 10 per cent renovation subsidy has boosted the demand for plumbing renovation work in the Helsinki region since the end of 2009. Are’s role in such projects varies from heating and plumbing work to comprehensive plumbing contracts, which can even include bathroom and kitchen refurbishment and refitting.
“Are’s Plumbing Renewal concept that we launched in early November has generated a lot of interest on the market. Conventional plumbing renewal methods remain popular, but customers are increasingly interested in other alternatives as well, especially when they are carried out by a company that can tailor the solution to the customer’s needs. So it’s no surprise that demand has continued to be high at the start of the year, too,” explains Arto Turkulainen, Business Area Director of Are’s Renovation Services.
Challenging project at Merimiehenkatu 32
One of Are’s new projects is for As Oy Merimiehenkatu 32, which is a property consisting of 40 apartments and two business premises. Are has full responsibility for renewing the building’s service water pipes and sewer pipes and for the related renovation and construction work. The contract is particularly challenging in terms of the residents’ needs, because an unusually high proportion of the apartments are connected to the same service water risers, which extends the time spent on the renovation work. The project was begun in February 2010 and will be fully completed before Christmas 2011, although half of the building will already be completed by the summer.
When it comes to long and demanding plumbing renewal projects, customers are especially careful about the choice of contractor. They must be able to rely on the contractor’s expertise and resources. At the Merimiehenkatu property the decision was made to engage a reliable and safe contractor in the form of Are, which has actively developed its plumbing renewal expertise.
“The advantage with Are is that we can always offer the customer the best possible plumbing renewal solution. On a fully independent basis we can recommend not only new coating and relining methods but also conventional plumbing renovation, or a combination of these. At Merimiehenkatu the most appropriate option was conventional plumbing renovation, although we will have to compromise a little on the conditions for residents. But I think the end result will leave everyone happy,” says Kai Aarnio, Area Manager at Are’s Renovation Services.
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