Summer’s here – does it feel stuffy in the office?

The summer comes around every year and – fortunately – it often brings hot weather with it. Yet every year the heat takes us by surprise. According to a survey carried out for Are by Taloustutkimus, office workers are not happy with conditions at their workplace. As much as 48 per cent of the survey’s respondents say that it gets too hot in the office in the summer, while 17 per cent say it is too cold. Also, 37 per cent of the respondents believe the ventilation is lacking and the air stuffy in their office.
This does not come as a surprise to Seppo Korhonen, Business Area Director of Are’s Property Services: “Modern building services require special skills and an understanding of the systems involved. When a property is managed proactively and according to a plan, users can be guaranteed comfortable indoor conditions that meet agreed terms even when there are significant fluctuations in the temperature outside.”
Properly done, property management can also reduce costs. “It pays to give attention to cooling because it is more costly than heating. Optimising indoor temperatures and ventilation is especially important in the summer so that cooling is used only when it is really needed and is at the right level.”
Despite the uncomfortable office conditions, 70 per cent of Finnish office workers are hoping for a hot summer in 2013!

For additional information, please contact: Seppo Korhonen, Business Area Director, Property Services, Are, tel. +358 (0)40 300 5098

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