Team of Are technicians wins the Rakentamisen laatuteko (‘act of quality in construction’) competition

Are Oy          Press release           14 October 2016 at 8:30 a.m.


Are’s team of plumbing technicians shared the winning spot in the Rakentamisen laatuteko (‘act of quality in construction’) competition 2016 with a corresponding expert from YIT. Simo Järvelä from Are entered the team of plumbing technicians working on the renovation of the Pähkinärinne school in Vantaa into the competition. The other members of the team are Joonas Saarimaa, Timo Kaarakainen and Arto Keski-Nikkola. The winners of the competition organised by the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT were selected by Minister of Agriculture and the Environment Kimmo Tiilikainen.

Rakentamisen laatuteko -kilpailussa menestyneet arelaiset 
Image: Arto Rautiainen


Minister Tiilikainen based his selection on the good attitude of Are’s plumbing technicians. The team emphasises the importance of dialogue and cooperation between different parties at the worksite. This allows preparing for challenging aspects of the work in advance. The Are team wants to get it right the first time and makes sure that the other operators at the site are also able to do their jobs well. This kind of positive and open way of working is needed both in new construction and renovation sites. 


Simo Järvelä considers the Pähkinärinne school a demanding site: “This is a really fragmented property: some of the components are being replaced, while others will remain as they are. In addition, the property is large, even though the building has only two floors. It takes time to collect all the necessary information.” 


Järvelä believes his team of plumbing technicians will maintain their good quality at this site as well: “We still haven’t done any self-inspections before the handover here, as we have only just begun to install the fittings. However, I don’t think there will be things left to repair after we’re done. We must have done something right if they wanted us back after the previous site we worked on.”


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