Technopolis selects Are Sensus for its new sites in Kuopio and Jyväskylä

Technopolis business premises are known for their indoor conditions and flexibility. The energy-efficient Are Sensus building services supports the aesthetics, pleasant user experiences, achievement of environmental targets and continuously high utilisation rates at the Technopolis premises. Significant energy savings, good feedback from users in surveys on indoor conditions and smooth-functioning cooperation over several years are all factors that assist in the selection of building services also at new sites.

“Our confidence in Are and Sensus has grown during our cooperation. Working with the same partner means that we have been able to develop the entire process at each site, making it increasingly efficient. The mutual learning curve is evident in the premises’ life cycle costs,” says Kari Kokkonen, Director Real Estate Operations at Technopolis.

Technopolis continuously carries out user-satisfaction surveys at all its real estate premises. “The information from these surveys also guides our operations in site maintenance and development of new sites,” says Markku Mäkinen, Area Manager at Are.

Work has been started at Viestikatu 7 in Kuopio and the first phase will be completed at the start of 2013. Are will deliver its Are Sensus building services system, which efficiently utilises the waste heat from the building’s data centres, to the site which is demanding from an architectural perspective. This is Technopolis’ first Sensus building in Kuopio.

“The site at Kuopio provides possibilities in a new area for Are Sensus, which did well despite the stiff competition. Being selected in Jyväskylä will create cost-efficiency because we will be able to use the things we have learned from Innova 2 at the new building,” says Kokkonen.

Innova 4 will be completed in Jyväskylä in the autumn of 2013. There will also be a Kesko grocery store in the building. The Are Sensus system will utilise the excess heat from the grocery store’s refrigerating machines to provide heating for the entire building.

Are Sensus combines energy-efficiency and optimum indoor conditions

The energy-efficiency of the Are Sensus system is based on the efficient utilisation of internal energy flows. The Are Sensus system also efficiently utilises low-energy sources, such as ground source heating and cooling, and solar energy.

Are Sensus has automated systems specific to each space and controlled according to occupancy. It provides independent control of, for instance, ventilation and soft and glare-free lighting. Panels installed in the ceilings heat and cool the interiors comfortably and without draughts. With building services integrated into the ceiling panels, premises can be planned and modified flexibly. At the same time there is an improvement in the soundproofing between rooms.

Experiences of the Are Sensus system over the past ten or more years have been good. Are Sensus has been installed at 22 sites, covering a total floor area of over 155,000 square metres. Sensus buildings are currently being built for Technopolis at Jyväskylä and Kuopio, and for Sponda in Helsinki. The total floor area of these projects under construction is 30,000 square metres.

For additional information, please contact:
Are Group, Markku Mäkinen, Area Manager, tel +358 (0)40 300 5219
Technopolis Plc, Kari Kokkonen, Director Real Estate Operations, tel +358 (0)40 534 6629

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