Prediction is easiest way to avoid accidents.
In year 2018 employees were rewarded for making safety observations.
The amount of safety observations increased by ten times.

We want to ensure that every one of our employees and customers can return home healthy after work.

Prediction is the most efficient way of avoiding accidents. With safety observations, employees can make their working environment healthier. Construction sites involve a working environment that changes every day – what was safe yesterday can be dangerous today. When employees learn how to spot hazards, they also learn how to avoid them and better prepare for them, which can be seen in a decrease in the accident rate. Are uses an electronic tool for employees to report their occupational safety observations. Other safety measures include online courses, post-accident discussions, actively intervening in safety deviations and safety walks.


“When we spot hazards in our daily work, we can take actions to control them.”

– Safety Manager Mikko Tiainen


Key Figures                               

  2017 2018
Safety observations 400 5710
Accident frequency rate 20 18
Sickness absence rate-% 4,5, 4,2


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