Aviapolis, Technopolis, Vantaa

Are Sensus® buildings at the same address
attest to the high quality
Competitive Are Sensus facilities adapt to users’ needs.
“Success in the facility market requires flexibility from us as well as the facilities we offer. Are is a pleasure to work with and provides cost-efficient solutions.”
Kari Kokkonen, Director, Real Estate and Services, Technopolis

Are Sensus ensures a pleasant environment for the users of the modern facilities in the Aviapolis D, F and G buildings near Helsinki Airport. Aviapolis G, the newest of the three buildings, achieved Gold-level LEED certification.

The three newest Aviapolis buildings of Technopolis have Sensus systems. So far, Are has installed Sensus in nine Technopolis locations.

Highly reliable technical building systems

Highly flexible facilities and an excellent indoor climate are important for the clients of Technopolis. Companies also appreciate the efficient use of space and reliable technologies. All of this can be ensured using the Are Sensus low-energy system. The technical building solutions are integrated into ceiling panels, which allows the partition walls to be adjusted according to need. 

Are Sensus® – competitive solution

Sensus is a long-established system with a competitive acquisition price and low cost of operation and maintenance.

Aviapolis G, the newest Sensus location, was completed in autumn 2015. It has a total area of 6,600 square metres. Aviapolis D and Aviapolis F were completed earlier, with total areas of 6,600 square metres and 2,800 square metres, respectively. Are provided all technical building systems for the properties.

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