Elimäenkatu 5, OP, Helsinki

10 000 square metres of renovated technical building systems
Are proved its project management skills by installing around ten different kinds of technology on a tight schedule.
"We wanted a partner with sufficient flexibility and resources. The schedule for technical building systems was extremely tight, and the work needed to be started in early July, during the summer holiday season. Are was up to the challenge of seamlessly installing nearly ten different kinds of technology."
Kari Kangasmaa, Constructing Manager, OP Group

Elimäenkatu 5 – an office building owned by OP Group in Helsinki – was renovated between the beginning of July and the end of October 2015. Are was responsible for renovating the technical building systems: electrotechnical systems, data networks and automation systems, in addition to the heating, plumbing, ventilation and cooling systems.

Originally intended to be used as a head office, the building was renovated for a new tenant over a short period of time during the summer holiday season. Because of the tight schedule, layout solutions and the use of facilities were planned while the project progressed, which required flexibility in the design and implementation of the technical building solutions.     

Our project management team responded to the challenge with excellent results. They managed the planning process and coordinated the installation of around ten different kinds of technology, making adjustments to the plans throughout the project.   

Are updated the technical building system to meet future demands. We implemented the technical building solutions required for the new layout. We also upgraded the electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation systems, in addition to upgrading the technical building solutions in the canteen, kitchen, reception area, conference centre and archive facilities. On top of all that, we cleaned the ducts and carried out other annual maintenance work.    

Built 15 years ago, Elimäenkatu 5 was originally constructed to serve as the headquarters for Sonera. It now offers around 10,000 square metres of facilities for lease. Its new tenants include the City of Helsinki’s Public Works Department.


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