and 39,000 sqm central warehouse
We collaborate closely with the customer to find solutions for improved energy efficiency.
“An extensive network, strong technological know-how and excellent reporting tools are the reasons why we chose Are.”
Pekka Kärkkäinen, Property Manager, Halpa-Halli Oy

Halpa-Halli Oy is a full-service department store chain with 39 stores, employing around 1500 people. The northernmost store is located in Tornio, the southernmost in Pori, and the easternmost in Kuopio. Their wide-spread store network requires strong, local expertise from a technical maintenance firm.

Are is in charge of the building services at the 39,000 sq m central warehouse and serves as the consultant in the evaluations and development of the building services at different outlets. “An extensive network, strong technological know-how and excellent reporting tools are the reasons why we chose Are,” says Pekka Kärkkäinen, Property Manager for Halpa-Halli Oy. The partnership was launched in spring 2015 and has progressed without a glitch. “Are’s services are first-class, commitments are fulfilled on schedule and communication is good,” Kärkkäinen continues.


Towards more energy efficient property maintenance

Energy consumption is the single largest expense for a the retail outlet. To improve energy and cost efficiency, we are constantly addressing issues together with the customer through basic maintenance as well as specialist services. Halpa-Halli is a regular user of Are’s specialist advisory services. Are’s consultants attend building surveys to review the functionality, feasibility and development of the systems. “Specialist consultancy is a valuable and highly central part of our collaboration with Are,” Kärkkäinen says. Are’s consultants have surveyed the building services of the entire chain by visiting each outlet reviewing the technical equipment and systems on site.  The subsequent maintenance and repair work based on these surveys has brought tangible savings. The collaboration is set to continue as closely as before, with the aim of ensuring that the retail spaces operate without interruptions and bringing substantial savings in facility management costs.

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