Kuopio Tax Building

A historic building
with high energy efficiency and a pleasant indoor climate
Are Sensus is ideal not only for construction but also for renovation.
"Through cooperation with experts at Are, we have achieved and exceeded our targets with regard to the indoor working environment."
Antti Kuusela, Property Manager, Senate Properties

Combined with our Intelligent Maintenance concept, the Are Sensus low-energy system ensures cost-efficiency and energy efficiency for a historic building, long into the future.

Completed in 1928, Kuopio Tax Building initially served as a fire and police station. It was renovated and extended over the years. At the turn of the new millennium, the building was again in need of renovation.

Its owner, Senate Properties, wanted to ensure that the special features of such a culturally and historically important building would be carefully preserved. They organised a competitive bidding process, which considered innovative alternatives in addition to traditional technical building solutions. Their goal was to find an unconventional design and a solution that would be cost-efficient throughout the life cycle of the building.

Senate Properties selected Are Sensus. The main criterion was the overall cost of the solution over a period of 15 years, including investment, energy and maintenance costs. Sensus also consumed less energy and had a smaller carbon footprint than the alternative solutions.


Reliable, convenient and eco-friendly

The maintenance of Kuopio Tax Building is managed in accordance with the Intelligent Maintenance concept developed by Are. The concept enables costs to be predicted and budgeted far into the future, with no surprises along the way.

Are is responsible for the maintenance of the property and monitors its energy consumption and the indoor climate on a regular basis. Kuopio Tax Building has a low level of energy consumption, and measurements have proved its indoor climate to be excellent.

“In this project, we paid special attention to a good indoor climate, green values and energy efficiency. The optimal use of technical building solutions plays a significant role in these respects. We actively monitor the indoor climate as well as the energy consumption. Through cooperation with experts at Are, we have achieved and exceeded our targets with regard to the indoor working environment,” says Antti Kuusela, Property Manager at Senate Properties.

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