LAK Lentoasemakiinteistöt Oy

properties maintained by Are
near Helsinki Airport
Customer satisfaction is the key indicator in maintenance.
"When selecting a maintenance partner, we paid special attention to Are's comprehensive technical building services."
Antti Ala-Heikkilä, Managing Director of LAK

Are is responsible for the maintenance of properties in the Helsinki Airport area.

Are provides property maintenance services for LAK Airport Real Estates near Helsinki Airport. These services cover 13 properties, from hangars to freight terminals and office facilities. 

“Expertise and experience are particularly important in our operating environment. When selecting a maintenance partner, we paid special attention to comprehensive technical building services. Are also showed a willingness to make a strong commitment,” says Antti Ala-Heikkilä, Managing Director of LAK.

Are emphasises the importance of providing good customer service alongside technical expertise. Our designated maintenance team is present on-site every day. Its members know the properties, client and special requirements of the airport environment.

The maintenance team is supported by our full range of in-house expertise in technical building services. This ensures rapid responses and reliable operations. A one-stop service, a designated account manager and a proactive team are an essential part of our maintenance operations. 


Proactive service

Customers submit fault notifications and other communications through the LAK website direct to Customer Services at Are. “The Customer Services Centre is an important nerve centre for us. If customers provide feedback on a property, it is important to let them know that the issue has been addressed,” says Ala-Heikkilä.

LAK uses a FimX maintenance log for property management, and energy consumption is monitored for each building. The operations are managed in line with the Smart Management concept developed by Are. Annual maintenance schedules, regular reporting and cooperation meetings enable us to provide preventive maintenance services and make continuous improvements in cooperation with the client.

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