stations across Finland
we provide maintenance services for 400 petrol stations
Reliability regardless of long distances.
“As these indicators show, we are very pleased with our cooperation with Are.”
Janne Torri, Maintenance Manager at ST1

When day-to-day operations are running smoothly, employees at 400 petrol stations can focus on increasing sales.

ST1 is a Finnish energy company with 400 fuel stations in different parts of the country.

“We have a nationwide network, which means that there may be long distances between our petrol stations. We require our provider of maintenance services to ensure a consistently high level of quality in all locations,” says Janne Torri, Maintenance Manager at ST1.

Since 2012, Are has been responsible for the maintenance (HVACE) of ST1’s petrol stations in addition to the related service centre operations. The service centre handles fault notifications and enters them into ST1’s maintenance system, coordinates maintenance tasks and monitors the long-term planning and updating of the equipment register. In addition to managing the services it provides, it manages the operations of other contractual partners.


Visible results through a comprehensive operating model

The combination of a nationwide network of services and a comprehensive approach in line with the Are Intelligent Maintenance concept has produced visible results.

Expenses resulting from reactive work have been significantly reduced. Surveys show that there is a good level of customer satisfaction, and the rate of complaints is very low. The goals for key performance indicators have been met, and investments in equipment are now being targeted more precisely.

“As these indicators show, we are very pleased with our cooperation with Are,” says Torri.

Key success factors include monthly meetings at which any issues and property requirements are discussed openly, in addition to the systematic reporting of measures and an in-depth understanding of the life cycles of properties.

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