Viestikatu 7, Technopolis, Kuopio

sensus panels
ensure integration of technical building systems indoors
Stylish Are Sensus® panels provide an excellent indoor climate.
“We chose Are Sensus mainly because we wanted to ensure an even indoor temperature. The ceiling panels do not restrict the flexibility of the facilities.”
Kari Kokkonen, Director, Real Estate and Services, Technopolis

Are Sensus is a continuously developing technical building system that takes into account the specific needs of each property, including architecture.

The high-quality architecture of the Viestikatu 7 B/C office property in Kuopio inspired Are to redesign the visible parts of its Sensus system. Are created fan-shaped ceiling panels for the property that seamlessly integrate the appearance of the ceiling into the whole designed by the architect.


Are Sensus ensures energy-efficiency and an excellent indoor climate 

Naturally, Sensus also ensures that the facilities are energy-efficient, with an excellent indoor climate. The users of the property are happy: Sensus heats and cools the facilities through the ceiling panels without any noise or drafts. The temperature can be adjusted specific to each panel in response to individual needs. The ceiling panels allow the partition walls to be adjusted according to need.

Completed in 2013, Viestikatu 7 B/C has a gross area of 12,200 square metres. So far, Are has implemented nine Are Sensus® properties for Technopolis in different parts of Finland.

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