Data Centers

Demanding data center environment require strong expertise in technical building services.
remote monitoring supports
effective data center maintenance

In demanding data center environment, it is critical that technical building systems operate smoothly, seamlessly and without interruption.

We provide comprehensive indoor climate services for data centers, where an uninterrupted electricity supply, sufficient cooling, strong security solutions and well-functioning automation systems are critical.


Comprehensive technical building solutions for data centers

We provide comprehensive solutions for the construction, modernisation and maintenance of data centers, covering all of the technical building services in a property, from project planning to commissioning and technical maintenance. We operate independently of manufacturers, which enables us to consistently deliver the solution that best meets your needs.

Ensuring an uninterrupted electricity supply is a critical requirement for data center operations. We will design and install the necessary UPS and backup power solutions. System efficiency and overall cost-efficiency play a key role in cooling solutions. Optimal cooling systems ensure low energy consumption and uninterrupted operation.

Data centers are corporate nerve centres that require comprehensive fire safety systems. We provide state-of-the-art fire alarms, smoke extraction and gas extinguishing systems.

The design and installation of building automation systems is an integral part of our comprehensive solutions for locations of all sizes and for all requirement levels.  


Smart Maintenance meets the unique needs of data center

We create the conditions required by law for machine rooms and server centers in a cost-efficient and energy-efficient way. Our nationwide network enables us to provide quick and flexible maintenance operations.

Our maintenance operations are based on our Smart Maintenance concept, which ensures that your technical property maintenance solution is optimised to meet your needs in all circumstances.

With remote monitoring, data center conditions can be monitored and controlled 24 hours a day as part of a comprehensive maintenance solution. If necessary, adjustments can also be made remotely.

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