Industrial properties

Wide range of industrial services, from individual solutions to comprehensive service packages.
OHSAS Certificate proves
We take safety matters seriously

Industrial properties must function safely and reliably every day of the year. Our expertise covers all electricity installations in industrial sites, as well as maintenance operations for industrial properties.

In industrial sites, predictable operations and continuous improvement in cooperation with the client are extremely important. Regardless of the circumstances, production must continue safely and without interruption. This can be ensured through high-quality electrification and maintenance solutions. Our maintenance operations are supported by our broad-based expertise, which enables us to implement demanding technical building system projects quickly and effortlessly.


Industrial electric installations

Industrial electrification requires wide-ranging expertise. We are familiar with the special requirements of industry. As a major operator in the field of technical building systems, we are able to provide a thorough range of industrial services, from individual solutions to comprehensive service packages. Our services cover all electricity solutions required for production. We implement industrial electrification solutions quickly, with uncompromised professionalism. We offer the following service packages:



  • Industrial instrument installation
  • Field instrumentation installation
  • Cabling work with connections
  • Commissioning and testing.


Automation installations:

  • Automation system installation
  • Control room installation
  • Field instrumentation installation
  • Cabling and connection work
  • Commissioning and testing.


Process electrical installations:

  • Earthing
  • Wire route systems
  • Medium voltage distribution, busbar systems, switchgear and transformers
  • Cabling work with connections
  • HV systems
  • Commissioning and testing.


Focus on your core business

Our maintenance operations are based on our Smart Maintenance model, which takes into account the special requirements of the property and its users. Smart Maintenance model ensures high-quality, preventive maintenance so you can focus on your core business.

Remote monitoring solutions provide valuable information about energy consumption and the indoor climate as part of Smart Maintenance, while also ensuring uninterrupted operational control.

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